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Graphics & Design Tutorial

Learn graphics and design and create outstanding print products.
Frankfurt Online Learning Academy
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English [Auto]
Understand the basics and advanced knowledge of graphics and design.
Know how to create outstanding print products.
Better chances if students apply for jobs in graphics or for degrees in design and graphics at universities.

In this graphics and design tutorial I will convey you knowledge about how to create outstanding print products. 

If you want to become a graphic designer, a painter, a print expert, a web designer or you are simply interested in graphics and design, this course is for you.

In this graphics and design tutorial you will learn:

  • which print products exist

  • about the readability of texts

  • what are your target audience

  • how to determine the needs of your target audience

  • three rules for design

  • why it is important to create groups of elements and repetitions

  • knowledge about the page format and layout (for e.g. design grids, columns…)

  • the secrets of a good layout

  • knowledge about shapes (effects of squares, circles, triangles, rectangles)

  • Knowledge about colors

    1. Why does color affect us?

    2. Colors and Color Theory

    3. Color Systems (RGB, CMYK)

    4. Color Harmony

      • Bonus lesson: Knowledge about images (effects of images)

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Welcome Intro

Welcome, Intro of the Frankfurt Online Learning Academy.

The instructor introduces herself.

The course leader, Martina Ledermann, welcomes you and introduces herself.

Basics of Design

Types of Print Products and Readabilty

The student will learn about the different print products and the kinds of readability of texts.

The Target Audience

The student learns knowledge about the target audiences of design projects.

How to Determine the Needs of Your Target Audience

The students learn how to determine the needs of the target audience for their project. They will get a task for to determine the needs of a fictitious target audience.

The Three Rules of Design

The Eye-Catcher

The student learns about the first rule of design, the eye-catcher.

Groups of Elements

The student learns the second rule of design, the groups of elements.


The student learns the third rule of design, the recognition.

Page Format and Layout

Page Format and Layout

We will talk about different pages formats, the golden ratio, three important rules for the page layout, the typical page sizes for flyers and brochures. You will get an overview about the American standards paper formats.

The Type Area

In this lection you learn all about the type area.

The Layout Grid

You will learn about the layout grid and its use.

The Secrets for a Good Layout

In this lection you will learn the secrets of a good layout with some examples and overviews.

Shapes and Colors

All About Shapes

In this lection you will learn about the effects of different shapes. In a meditative situation you can feel in yourself how shapes will effect you. You will learn about the weight of a shape with many examples.  Also you will learn how to create unique shapes for your customers and how you can design abstract digital illustration with the help of a photography.

Knowledge About Colors and Color Theory

You learn about colors and about color theory.

Bonus Lesson: Images

The Appearance of Images

You will learn about the appearance of images. There are many examples how to design photographs and images.

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