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OVERVIEW Blockchain has been receiving extensive attention lately. Blockchain is expected to cause social,economic, political and institutiona...
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The Instructional Design for ELearning course covers the methodology, skills, and techniques necessary for developing effective eLearning solutions...
5 total hours
Train The Trainer : Become An Effective Corporate Trainer : Classroom Training Techniques Become an 11x More Effective Corporate Trainer This Year ...
3 total hours
UPDATED ON – May 2019   [ New course as chapter added ] Play safely: 30 days money back guarantee! Certificates: Course comple...
17 total hours
$199.99 $140
Master Graphic Design and Adobe Design Software By Doing Popular Design Projects Do you like to learn by doing practical real-world projects? This ...
11 total hours
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In this graphics and design tutorial I will convey you knowledge about how to create outstanding print products.  If you want to become a...
41 total mins
✓✓ Enroll to this Course and Change the way you design for the rest of your life! ✓✓ Do you want to design a lot of engaging and clickable graphic ...
1.5 total hours
Graphics T-Shirt Design Course Just The Way You Want It This is a very comprehensive t-shirt design course, where I show you how to design 3 main t...
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