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Become an 11x More Effective Corporate Trainer This Year – The Basics Of Instructional Design

The proven method to easily improve student engagement and create an effective and memorable classroom learning experience

As an instructor, trainer, facilitator or teacher, how many of these situations can you relate to?

Here’s what I know: These classroom scenarios are very, very common. But, by tackling these scenarios the right way, you can be profoundly more effective in the classroom than you currently are or ever thought you could be!

In this 36-lesson, 4-hour course, you will learn:

If you are willing to critically evaluate your current approach to training, be open to learning some new training techniques, and do some hard work both during and after this course, I will partner with you to help you become a dramatically more effective and confident trainer, instructor, facilitator, or teacher.

In other words: Once you’ve completed the Facilitation Basics course, you will never look at training the same way again!

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